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Tuesday, November 20

R.I.P Patch - or was it Pepper???

Alice and I were doing our normal round of morning chores today after popping DD and DS on the school bus. We fed the chickens (great entertainment for a 10 month old) then went down to feed the guinea pigs. Instead of two healthy but rather feral pigs, I had one feral pig and a bloated corpse. Eeewww. Trying to remove the body of a dead guinea pig from a small cage is an unattractive task at the best of times, but especially unpleasant when you are carrying a squirming baby who wants to touch the dead rodent. Anyway, we managed to retrieve Patch (or Pepper) and ceremoniously wrapped him in newspaper before popping him in the garbage bin. Mustn't forget to put the bin out Thursday night.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry about your little animal passing, very sad to lose pets.
Wondering if you have been fortunate enough to receive the information you were expecting from Bruce on Alice's early life months? How wonderful that will be for her as she grows and becomes curious!!
Best Wishes and will look forward to more of your life with Alice.