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Wednesday, November 7

I'm Back!!!

...and wondering why on earth all the blogger titles, links etc are still in Chinese???? Oh well, will worry about that later. We are now on Day Three of being home sweet home and I am LOVING it. Although China was amazing, awe-inspiring and the birth place of my precious child, it was also a place that deeply saddened me. Pollution is horrific, poverty is rife and the over-crowding phenomenal. It made me feel so very blessed to live in such a gorgeous part of the world, and the VERY best bit is that I can now brush my teeth with water straight from the tap!!

Alice seems to be adjusting quite well. I am under no illusion that she is in any way attached to me yet in the proper sense, but she does seem to be quite fond of me, and today, for the first time, she has started to cry when I go out of sight. Mind you, she does have a hideous cold and green candlesticks running from each nostril, so she may just be feeling a little fragile!!! She also seems to enjoy her Big Sister and Big Brother, and they, in turn, are head over heels with her. See picture for proof.

I had forgotten just how busy life is when you have a baby. I still have not made it to the supermarket (thank goodness I froze some meals before we left) but I will have to venture out tomorrow if we are not to starve to death. DH seems to be coping quite well, but his work is seriously stressful at the moment so he unfortunately doesn't have too much time to spend at home.

I must fly and do a few of the several million jobs that need to be done before my sleeping beauty awakes.Thanks so much to all of you who followed our journey in China, and I promise now that I am home I will post more regularly, as I don't have to pay 100 yuan a day for the privilege of Internet connection!! Zai jian xxxx


Fiona said...

Yay! You're Back. I will give you a week or so breathing space to recover from your big life changing experience, and then the girls & I will be over to visit with bells on. I hope that's ok!? Fiona xx

Glori said...

Whilst I won't be dropping in anytime soon *SIGH*, that photo shows how wonderful your trio of kidlets are!

Glad you are home safe'n'sound & yep Tassie is truly one of the most beautiful places I know (still working on D to go a'visiting).

Enjoy the mayhem that the baby years seem to be bound to :)

Hugs xox

Louanne said...

Tassie! So glad you are back and that everything went well. That photo of the kiddos is awesome.


RoLo said...

Glad that you are home safe and sound:)

OziMum said...

Glad your home! Looks like one big happy family, now that you're home!

Hope Alice's cold clears up quickly.

mumma to many said...

Cristina Glad to see your post! It has been a while! It is great to hear that things are going well! Love the bath shot! I hope the kids will in 10 years time! LOL!
Give your Alice a hug from us all!
Love Ruth

Jen said...

Welcome home Christina - so lovely to hear you're settling in fairly well - I can imagine it must feel very different having a baby around again - but the children look very, very happy. May God continue to bless you richly in this next new season of your lives.
Jen, Graham and Ebony xxx