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Wednesday, November 21

Alice's Foster Family

As some of you may remember, I mentioned a few posts ago that I had employed a guy in China to interview Alice's foster family for me, and to take photos of their home, the area in which she grew up, etc. He exceeded all my expectations, and it was well worth the Great Western Union Debacle. I received answers to all 20 or so of my questions, and learned some things about Alice's earlier life and foster family that I hadn't previously known. I have posted just a few just pictures. There is one of the foster mother, father, foster mother's grandson and f.m. is holding her other foster child, whom Alice was raised with. I have blacked out the face of the little one, as she has, as yet, not been adopted. The other two photos show the lane way in which Alice's foster family's home is situated, and the surrounding neighbourhood. As to the little one being held by foster mum, I suspect her file is with the CCAA, so if you, or anyone you know gets an allocation from Feng Cheng in the coming months, drop me a line - I have some very special information and pictures I would love to share with you!


OziMum said...
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic - how wonderful and exciting for you & Alice (very important for her as she grows and wants to know her origins, early life) .... well done to the kind gentleman and Alice's lovely foster family!

Louanne said...

Tassie - that is so awesome!!! What a great treasure for sweet Alice.


Amy said...

Did you hire Brian? I'm still waiting for my package from him. Sounds like he'll mail Yulin's scrapbooks on Monday. I can't wait! I'd love to hear what you got in your package from him.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your photobucket icon, and received a "surprised shock" - there were some pics and some "F" words phrases and rude little things!!!! Wonder if my computer is going silly or some glitchy thing is happening on that particular site, just wanted to let you know, something seems not quite right in entering tassiegirl2 - photobucket, definitely some things in there that shouldn't be! Thought you might want to investigate. I looked at the pics of Alice directly on your site and they were fine.

Cristina said...

Sorry OziMum! Managed to be a technological idiot and delete your post! Sorry about that - keep on posting, as I love reading your comments.

Cristina x

Cristina said...

Thanks anonymous for the 'heads up' about the stuff in my album - think I have rectified the problem. Enjoy the slideshow!

Cristina x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, delightful! U have a lovely site keep up the great things very enjoyable :-)