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Tuesday, November 27

Backyard violence

Photo at top left is Exhibit A- the Perpetrator (aka Bella the fox terrier cross). Photo at bottom left is Exhibit B - the Victim (aka our friendly garden echidna). At approximately 1300 hours on Monday, 26th November I discovered that The Perpetrator had cornered The Victim in The Backyard. I immediately took action by smacking the behind of the Perpetrator (bursting a blood vessel in my finger in the process) and proceeded to attempt the rescue of The Victim. Said Victim had burrowed it's way partially under the back veranda and was stuck. It took me until approximately 1400 hours to remove The Victim (after some pretty heavy digging) and check that The Victim had not been harmed by The Perpetrator. Fortunately The Victim seemed in good spirits, and was released outside the garden walls. The Perpetrator was found some hours later in my bedroom, having hid under the bed in shame, only to re-emerge when The Baby was put down for her afternoon nap. The Perpetrator seems sufficiently chastised and, I believe, sustained quite a number of non-fatal injuries from The Victim's spikes. Serves The Perpetrator right!!


OziMum said...

LOL! Your dog is named the name we were GOING TO call our baby... but has changed, since finding out it is a common name for pets, and also is close to be the number one popular name for girls this year!!!

Glad the spikey Victim is all ok! Steve Irwin would be proud!

Glori said...

Cris that is a beautiful & unbelievably hilarious telling of events. Just what the Dr ordered on my return home from work (where I've spent the day reviewing a masters engineering project where english is not the 1st language).

Love it & hopefully Bella will know better next time heehee :)