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Sunday, January 4

Went to the Dog's Home Today...

but, sadly, did not find a new furry firend for our family. Our sweet little Bella is pining for Bonnie quite badly - not eating, crying at night time, and generally being as miseralble as a dog can be. She is even sleeping in our room just so we can manage to get some shut-eye. So DH and I went to the Dog's Home today in search of a suitable furry friend, but alas, it was not to be. We played with a cute labrador cross named Clyde, but he was just a bit too big and bouncy for our petite little two year old. Bruno also looked promising, but he had already found a home. Anyway, we will keep on looking and hopefully the right dog for us will arrive there soon.

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mumma to many said...

I am sure when the time is right the perfect dog will turn up!
It is hard for those left behind! I know our cat pined and then when the next kitten arrived she has been so grumpy since! A change in roles for her!
Hugs Ruth