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Tuesday, January 6

Just maybe.....

I have found our new furry friend. Alice and I went back to the Dog's Home today (without DH!!) and had a bit more of a look around. There was a lovely black and white spaniel x border collie there who I had seen last time, but (get this) didn't pay much attention to as I didn't like her name (Belinda!!) Anyway, Alice and I kept coming back to Belinda's cage, and she kept looking at us with her big brown eyes. Whilst all the other dogs around her were going crazy, barking and yapping, she was just lying down, looking up at us as if to say 'PLEASE take me home!!' We took Belinda out in the yard for a play and she was very gentle with Alice - she seems to be quite a shy dog, yet very ready for affection. She is about 18 months old and was found wandering on the road not too far out of our home town. Since DH and the big kids are away on a road trip today, I decided to put a 24 hour hold on Belinda so that no one else can adopt her until we go back tomorrow - along with DH, the big kids and Bella the fox terrier. I really hope that DH likes her as I certainly think she is the dog for us!! As for the name though - that has GOT to go!! Any suggestions???? BTW, the photo isn't actually of Belinda, but a dog who looks very similar. Pretty cute, huh??!!!


Jill said...

She looks like such a sweetie! I want her!
Good luck! Hope she finds her way into your home and your hearts!

Glori said...

Hmmmm I would have said Bella but you already have one of those *lol*. Is Elle too close (thinking of Alice's language skills)? As derivatives of Belinda I would think Elle, or Lyn?

Or, maybe the family will come up with a name for her - or you could have Alice come up with a verbal description of her (& therefore able to talk with the dog).

That is how we picked Miss Winifred Menzies (now 15yr old cat). She & Aiden (@18mths) would 'chat' with each other through the cage when noise/fear/excited responses were all round them.

Hope it all works out - sounds like it though!

Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Sounds like a great dog for your family.
Now for a name?

How about Missy?
or does that sound to cat like?

amy said...

she is cute, good luck..we adopted a 3yo basset this october

OziMum said...

hehehe! Now you're like us! A 2 dog family (and we have a terrier and a Spaniel too!)

I wasn't too keen on having 2 dogs, at first... double trouble! But they certainly keep each other company!

I'm sure you could change her name? What about Cinder (coz she's black?!!!) I saw a movie once where the dogs name was Camere (short for Come here!!!) I loved it!!!