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Sunday, January 11

A Bizarre Coincidence

On Friday morning the kids, DH and I went to the Dog's Home to take Daisy for a walk before we went to Hobart for the weekend (more on that trip in another post!) We had our little Bella with us too, and were just heading out the gate of the Dog's Home for our walk when an older guy got out of a truck and came up to us. He asked what we were doing with Daisy. I was a bit puzzled, and told him that we had adopted her from the Home and were going to be taking her to live with us after she was de-sexed. He then leaned down and patted her, and looked at the scar she has above her right eye. 'I know whose dog this is' he said, and my heart plummeted right down to my sneakers. It turns out that this guy (Darrell) was actually the guy who bred Daisy - her mother is his dog!! She was from a large litter, and is actually a springer spaniel/ fox hound cross. He said that she had been born about 15 months ago and he had sold her as pup to a bloke in Port Sorell, a small town about twenty minutes away from us. Apparently Daisy's owner had called Darrell the day before to tell him that his dog had gone missing, and would he (Darrell) mind checking in at the Dog's Home to see if she had been taken in. This is, mind you, THREE WEEKS after Daisy had gone missing!!! Turns out that Darrell lives just a short distance from us, and Daisy's mum still lives with him. As I was hearing all of this I was getting more and more dismayed, thinking that we were not going to be able to go through with Daisy's adoption as her former owner wanted her back. But after we talked to Darrell a bit longer, and he saw how very fond we all are of Daisy, he said that he would call Daisy's former owner to tell her that she had found another home. He could see that she was going to a family who would love and look after her, unlike her first owner who was 'too busy' to call the Dogs Home and see if his dog had been taken in.

So tomorrow we are back into the Dogs Home to give Daisy a bath before her de-sexing on Tuesday. With a bit of luck she will be ready to come home with us on Wednesday morning - hurrah!!


amy said...

Congrats on Miss Daisy...Hope she is feeling well and recovers from her little surgery soon

OziMum said...

Good grief!!!

Its great that you found out more about Daisy's breeding... but geez! The trauma!!! SO glad the nice man, had the good sense to see that Daisy would be well loved in your family.