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Tuesday, April 29

A Very Special Sunday

This Sunday just gone was a very special one in our household. Our sweet Alice Xiao Ying was dedicated at our Church. Being a Baptist church, we don't have infant christening or baptism (you choose to be baptised when you are older) so when a baby arrives into a family, you dedicate them to God. We were so very blessed to have our Pastor David perform the service - David left our Church last year to become a senior pastor in Newcastle, NSW. We miss him greatly, as he has been very important in terms of our spiritual journey. He has baptised both DH and myself, and he performed a renewal of wedding vows for us last year, shortly before he left to answer his Call. So we were thrilled to find out that he was visiting last weekend, and even more thrilled when he agreed to dedicate Alice for us. The dedication went well, aside from the part where David held Alice to pray for her. She was NOT happy at all, poor little possum. She was very eager to come back to me at the end of the prayer, which shows, I guess, that the attachment therapy is working!! The photo above was taken just before we left for Church, and I think my three gorgeous children look beautiful!!


The Straight's said...

You sure have some beautiful kids there. Congrats!

Louanne said...

They are SO beautiful! You are truly blessed my friend. I am very happy that your friend was able to do the dedication also.