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Thursday, April 17

Still Here (just!!)

Whew - what a week and a half it's been. So sorry for my prolonged absence (again!!) but my little tiger-taming project is keeping me well away from the blog. All is going well - Alice is improving every day. The meltdowns still happen, but not as frequently and not with as much ferocity as before. She is a much happier, more smiley and generally more pleasant baby to be around! What I find hardest about doing the program is well meaning relatives. 'Should you still be carrying her in that thing??' 'Won't she forget how to walk??' 'She sounds really unhappy - shouldn't you put her down??' I know they mean well but ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! My dear mum is the worst. She comes to visit most days, and invariably, she has come across Alice having some of her rages. Mum's response - to sit there, tutting and sighing, and giving me 'The Look'. 'The Look' is the 'why are you torturing that child by holding her??' look. I have tried to patiently explain that part of Alice's attachment disorder means that she doesn't want to be held (bad in a baby) and that I need to hold her ESPECIALLY when she is raging against me, but I'm afraid she just doesn't get it. Although, I must admit she has said that she has noticed some positive changes in Alice, so that is something I guess...

Must fly - lunch is cooking, baby is napping and my back is aching. I will try to not leave it too long in between posts again! xx


Glori said...

I'm glad to hear it is all going well, well meaning relatives & all.

Interesting aside as a near 38yr old I would agree COMPLETELY with the even when they most don't want it, is when it is needed most (we won't even start how I ended up that way *lol*). But it is how I am & I still fail regularly at trying to communicate that issue. It's wonderful to hear you persisting and helping Alice.

Hope the weather is good down there. Up here it's only juuuust getting cool at night (finally) so of course my sinuses think it's a good thing to stuff around :) (very bad pun LMAO).


SuzMom said...

The only way to tame tigers is to pull them close! What you are doing is soooo important to your child. Keep up the good work and don't forget to keep yourself strong so you can keep going.

Maybe mum could cook lunch instead of giving you "The Look" :)

Louanne said...

Cristina - I am so happy to see how things are going with Alice. And as for your mum and the LOOK, just play dumb. HA HA.

Alice is worth more than your mom's annoyance or confusion. But you know that. Hugs from Texas my friend.

OziMum said...

I've been trying to "prep" close rellies and friends, letting them know that we don't plan on "sharing" Mini around for the first 4-6 weeks. I have no idea if it will make any difference, but I don't think it will hurt.

Glad the "therapy" is working for Alice... there's always the Chiropracter for you! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Cristina,
Alice looks like she is doing well...and I agree with Louanne.
Take care. CTG