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Thursday, April 24

Kalamata, here we come!!!

Well, not for another 18 months, but it is a definite plan!! We weren't planning a major O/S holiday at all, especially not after a huge trip to China last year, but opportunity knocked and I said 'Why the heck not??!!" I was in my local fruit and veg shop early in the week, and chatting to the proprietor, a lovely Greek lady by the name of Doula. She has four daughters and I went to school with one of them. Anyway, we were chatting away and she mentioned that one of her daughters was currently in Greece, staying at the 200 year old stone cottage which was left to the girls by their grandparents when they passed on. I then mentioned that I have always wanted to go to Greece, having majored in Greek history at Uni, with a sub-major in ancient Greek architecture. Well, the gorgeous Doula then went on to say that anytime we were in Greece we were more than welcome to stay in the family home, FREE OF CHARGE!!!! I thanked her profusely, and went home to tell DH. He was pretty excited by the prospect of a couple of weeks by the seaside in sunny Greece, so the next day I went back to the shop and asked Doula if we could book the house for September next year. YEEHAA!!! She was more than happy to do that, and promised to give us a list of names in the village of her relatives, whom, she assured me, would be very welcoming. What a fabulous thing to look forward to. The only bummer is that Alice will be two by the time we go, meaning that she will be paying full airfare, but we will survive. After all, we won't have to pay for accommodation!! You can read a bit about Kalamata here

So next September, our little family of five will be winging it's way to the Mediterranean, off to enjoy a few weeks in the beautiful Greek autumn sun.... Life is good!


Louanne said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is so cool. You guys will have such an awesome time.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh - I'm SO jealous. (am I allowed to be????). I'm actually thrilled for your family - a blessing from above :)

Oh...and by the way - you've been tagged....but it's an easy one :)


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happen to come across your site via Jen... nice to meet another Aussie... will visit again some time... take care

Tracy said...

Jealous! That will be a blast! Yes, that China trip was a big one - so we are just doing Door County, Wisconsin this year - LOL.