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Thursday, February 19

'Uv oo Mum'

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By cristinafairley, shot with E-520 at 2009-02-17

I was getting Alice ready for bed tonight and we were walking down to her room, chatting about nothing in particular. We got to her room, and she turned to me, out of the blue, and said 'Uv oo Mum (love you Mum). My heart melted. She has for quite some time said 'uv oo' when I say "I love you' to her, but this is the very first time she has said it without any input from me. It was just because she DOES 'uv' me. My little girl has come so very far in the past 16 months, and I am truly, wonderfully blessed.


Kiy said...

Oh my! My heart just melted when I read this. You both really have come so far. Cheers to Alice, what strides she has made!

Hugs! Kiy

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Shelle said...

aah...it's all I can say cuz I know what you mean! And oh my she gets cuter every day, how is that possible???


Bill and Linda said...

That's great and made me feel all tingly inside. She's come a long way hasn't she?

Louanne said...

Knowing your story this brought a little tear to my eye! So sweet.

Jeff and Amy said...

Amazing what three little words can do to ones Heart:)