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Sunday, February 15

A big day tomorrow....

After much thought, turmoil and guilt-ridden musing, Alice is going to daycare for the first time tomorrow. I have been thinking for a few months that I really needed a little bit of 'down' time every week. With two other big kids, a husband who works incredibly long hours and myself doing a seven-day a week, 24 hour a day job with no holidays, I decided a needed a few hours 'me' time each week. I would never have even contemplated daycare if a spot hadn't become available with a very good friend of mine who does family daycare in her own home. She only has two other children besides Alice on a Monday, and last week we had a few 'trial' visits. Alice really seemed to like K, and didn't want to come home on either occasion! K has lots of VERY COOL stuff, like a huge sandpit, lots of trikes, Wiggles DVD's and play dough. Kid heaven I am sure!! Anyway, tomorrow is our first proper day of care, when Mummy will wave goodbye and leave Alice there. Alice and I have been talking about it all week - about how Mummy will give her a kiss and a cuddle and then come back later to get her, after she has had LOTS of fun with K. Alice seems to 'get' the whole concept, but it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. K is very good, and has promised to call me if Alice gets distressed at all, so she may do an hour at daycare, or six!! I really hope that all goes well and she will be happy and content without me. Not sure what I will do with myself - probably worry myself silly that she is upset I guess!!! I will report back tomorrow to let you know what happened. Wish us luck!!!


mumma to many said...

Good luck You will be dropping her off about now!
Sending positive energy your way!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Best of luck tomorrow!!

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Louanne said...

It will be okay.