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Wednesday, June 25

My New Best Friend.

Well, here she is. Isn't she gorgeous???!!! For the past year and a half, my kitchen has had the misfortune of having a 'decorative dishwasher' installed. Decorative because the only purpose it served was filling in a rather ugly gap under the bench top. When we moved in here five years ago, the new owners had just bought this you-beaut new stainless steel dishwasher. Yay!! I thought, having never lived in a house with a dishwasher before. Little did I know that this was the dishwasher from hell. It broke down so many times that after the sixth attempt at repair, I just gave up. So, 18 long months later, I finally have my new buddy. I installed it myself (big round of applause thanks!) and it is currently purring it's way through a huge load of dishes. Mmm, my soul is now deeply satisfied at the thought of no more hand washing of dishes....
As to the divine Miss A, she is doing famously. She is right in the middle of a language explosion at the moment, and is adding new words to her vocabulary every day. She has now surpassed 140 words (Big Sis is keeping count) and never fails to amaze me with her skill at saying new words. Will post some new pics after I download them from the camera.

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Louanne said...

WOOT for you! Alice is looking super cute!