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Sunday, June 1

Latest Pics

Finally blew the dust off the camera this evening and took some pics of my gorgeous girl. Although she is in dire need of a haircut, I still think she is gorgeous!! I have just done a brief count of her current vocabulary and it is well over forty words right now. She has become a real little mimic and is trying out new words every day. In the pic she is with one of her favourite toys, Eeyore. She says 'Eeyore' beautifully, and loves to give him big cuddles. So much cuteness, can barely stand it!!!


Jeff and Amy said...

Such a cutie, even if she does need a haircut she is still adorable!!!!!! I am still holding off for Lily's first haircut, just can't cut the curls.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How cute she is... I love that photo with the tongue sticking out... take care

OziMum said...

Love the new photo in the header too! She loves to open up her mouth, hey?!! Does she do those lovely wet, open mouth kisses too?!!

Eeyore... what's not to love?!