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Saturday, June 14

Big Girl Hair Cut

This week I took both my big girls (well, one slightly less big than the other!) out to the salon for a bit of a hair cut. This was Alice's first 'proper' hair cut in the almost eight months that she has been with us. I have been regularly hacking at her fringe to keep it out of her eyes, but this time the hairdresser cut the back as well so she has this sweet little bob happening. Tried to get some nice pics but in true Alice fashion she refused to smile. At least her Big Sis co-operated! Not too much else to report, aside from one bad night when we experienced our first night terror with Alice. As mentioned before, we have been frantically busy this school holidays, and several times Alice has missed her daytime nap, only getting to grab a quick snooze in the car. This, I think, led to a pretty severe sleep deficit which in tum led to the horrible night terror. She woke up screaming inconsolably on Tuesday at about 9pm. I raced in to see what was wrong and she was sitting up in bed, shaking and crying. I scooped her up but she fought against me. She was still screaming, and yet not awake. I realised what was happening, and just held and rocked her until she calmed, which took about ten minutes. It was heartbreaking to see her so very upset, but being unable to make things better. After she settled I read up on night terrors in some of my adoption books, and apparently they are quite common, and I should really have left her in the cot to cry it out. Apparently they have no memory of the terror, and waking them can do more harm than good. But aside from this, Alice has been just fine and an absolute delight. She is such a happy little person, and is developing a really cheeky personality. Stubborn at times too, but that's OK - she takes after her Mum!!


Glori said...

Why is it you need a holiday AFTER school holidays??? :D

My DS went through night terrors, from infancy to childhood. Scary stuff seeing them screaming, eyes wide open & absolutely no recognition of who you are! Now at nearly 14 (eek) he still gets a different variation. He sleep talks & on occasion has started moving out of bed (& talking).

Again same cause - lack of sleep or in his case overstimulation (therefore overtired too *lol*) & also on occasion he has overheated in his sleep.

Still weird except now he's bigger than me. I now just talk calmly back and tell him it's all find/done (whatever is appropriate to the conversation) & to lay back down.

Cool haircuts. I'm doing that this coming week........

amy said...

How beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

BTDT with the tight terrors with Natalie as well...my heart goes out to Alice..its hard. Natalie has had a few rough nights too recently (we thought we were past this); we wondered if it was due to a change in her schedule too.
Hard to tell.
Hang in there.
Alice is a real sweetie.
Take care. CTG

OziMum said...

They shouldn't be called school "holidays"!!!

Harry has had night terrors since he was about 2.5 - (I hope that doesn't mean we gave him a traumatic babyhood!!!) He still has about one a fortnight - apparently he'll outgrow them. I always found the best thing to do, was remove him from his bed - cuddle him on the lounge in front of the tv for about 5mins - then put him back to bed. If I tried to calm him in bed, he'd always be screaming again in about 5 mins. Apparently you need to "interput" their sleep pattern. Now coz he's so big, I just talk to him, in his bed - ask him questions, tell him he's safe with Mummy and Daddy, that he's in his bed and then I pray with him (that's what we do when he first goes to bed) - he has often prayed after me, just like he does when he first goes to bed... but he's still asleep!!!

Sorry... didn't mean to say so much!

Jeff and Amy said...

Love the new haircut, Alice is just adorable!!! We have had a few night terrors also, hope that will maybe be the only one :)

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Kelly & Sindy said...

I love Alice's new haircut. She
is so beautiful!!!! I haven't done
Allie's hair yet.

Have a great weekend!!!