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Monday, March 17

A Weekend Trip To the ER

Of course, major injuries to small boys MUST happen on a weekend when their Dad is away - it's Murphy's Law, right??!!! DH and DD left on Friday night for a Youth Group camp an hour and a half's drive away, and I decided to spend the weekend earning some 'Mum' points by doing cool stuff with DS whilst they were gone. Pizza 'for tea, making triple choc muffins, watching countless episodes of 'Top Gear' etc etc, topped off by a lovely trip to his favourite playground. Well, the first half hour was lovely, but it all came to a rather rapid end when DS fell backwards off the monkey bars and landed very heavily on his back. He started doing that 'I've REALLY hurt myself' scream. Poor Alice was quite freaked out, as was I. I took a look at his back and all I could see was a nasty graze, so we headed home. He whimpered all the way home, and was seriously unhappy. By the time we got home he couldn't move his arm, and I had another look at his back - ARGHHH!!!! It was like someone had inserted a small basketball under the skin. There was so much swelling I knew it had to be bad, so I called an ambulance. You may think I was overreacting, but unless you want to sit in the waiting room in the ER for five hours, you call an ambulance as they take you into triage straight away. Luckily my Dad was home so he came and got Alice, and DS and I trundled off to casualty. We were whisked right in, x-rays were ordered, and thankfully nothing was broken. The Doctor said that he had most likely burst some blood vessels when he fell which had caused the disgustingly huge swelling. So we were home by 7.30pm, and after some panadol DS slept pretty well. I took my own form of stress relief in the form of a glass of wine, and also had a pretty good night. Whew - the things that happen when DH is nowhere to be seen!


mumma to many said...

OMG! I can image that the fright you, Alice and DS all got was huge! I can see it all now! OUCH it looks sore glad you took a photo! How was DH and DD when they got home?
I use ambulances like that too! Great for getting straight in!
Hugs and wines to you Cristina!

OziMum said...

Ewww! It looks like a third shoulder blade! Poor DS!

And YES - I can totally sympathise with you, that all the bad stuff happens when the man is away.

Glad all is well!

Maddys Mom said...

Poor thing, glad to hear nothing broken. Of course something like this happens when it's just you!