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Monday, March 3

Six Months Ago Tomorrow..

Yeah, I know - weird title, but I have some spare time today and not much tomorrow and I wanted to write this post, so here 'tis. I can hardly believe that tomorrow marks six months since we received THE CALL. I was up a ladder at the kids' school, painting a window sill when my phone rang. It was one of my batch buddies in near hysterics, screaming that she had just had THE CALL and had a daughter! Well, as you can imagine no more painting got done after that. I only had to wait another ten minutes before the phone rang again and this time it was our social worker. I actually started to cry when I heard her voice, I could hardly believe that all the years of waiting were just about to be over. Mind you, she wasn't going to tell me anything over the phone - she wanted me to make an appointment to drive to her office (about 30 minutes away) and then I would find out about our newest family member. I politely told her she had to be freaking kidding and made her open the envelope. She told me the basics - sex, birth date, province etc - and also said that she was VERY pretty!!! I made an appointment with her for later on that afternoon, then rang DH. He was completely blown away as he answered the phone and I started sobbing that we had a daughter. Later on that afternoon, all four of us trooped down to Burnie (longest thirty minutes of my life) to see Alice's photos and to sign the acceptance forms. I distinctly remember looking at the first of the three photos and thinking 'I guess she's sort of cute', but by the time I had reached photo number three I was head over heels. I have included that photo at the top if this post. She seemed so little, so lost and so very much in need of a cuddle. I carried that photo everywhere with me for the next six weeks, and frequently spent long periods of time just staring at this little face who would soon become my daughter. Such a blessing, such a beautiful little girl....


mumma to many said...

well yes even after 4 years it is just as amazing! Now I have asked the SWer to let us know when she thought referrals were coming so I can prepare the kids! Yeah Right! Well it is amazing at how quickly time does go!
Hanging out with you rather than working!
Hugs Ruth in NZ
I might be next!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC .... DREAMS DO COME TRUE :) You are all wonderfully fortunate, I can only hope! Keep on enjoying!!

OziMum said...

I dream of that moment. Literally.

I had a dream about meeting her, and in my dream I thought the same sort of thing... at first sight I thought "You aren't the cutest kid I've ever met", but the sense that she was my daughter, so completely overwhelmed me, and my conscience scolded me for being so superficial!!!... but alas, it was all a dream. I'm definitely mindful, not to look at my child with "superficial" goggles on!!!

When I first saw Alice, I thought - she's a little gumnut. She just looked so tiny!

Amy said...

Congrats on 6 months!