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Friday, March 14

A Gorgeous Smile!!

Not saying that the Divine Miss A never smiles - she does, and frequently. It's just that the smile tends to be replaced by a rather vacant, stunned-mullet look as soon as I produce the camera. Anyway, this morning I decided to get Alice dressed up in her beautiful hand-made ladybug dress (thanks Leah!!) and take some photos. Surprisingly she co-operated and I got a few beautiful smiles!! So where were we going, all dressed up, you may ask?? Well, we were off to Daddy's work to watch Daddy get his LEGS WAXED!!!!!! Yes Loyal Readers, you read that correctly - DH got his legs waxed today at work, with an audience of about 20 or so giggling secretaries watching. Why?? Well, he had foolishly agreed to do this stunt if $500 was raised for a local kid's cancer charity fund (good cause, foolish decision). He could have had his head shaved, but being the vain individual that he is, he decided that he would much rather have his legs waxed. Ha, ha, ha... I had warned him of the pain involved, but I don't think he believed me - until 11.30 this morning that is!! Now he is sporting a lovely pair of lily-white to the knee, hair free legs. Mmmm, very sexy...

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Jeff and Amy said...

Oh that is funny!!!! that has to hurt, we just got home from Florida and my dh commented why nobody under 40 had chest hair, my son said, we shave it, must be a generation thing!! LOL