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Thursday, January 21

The most stubborn child in the world...

and she is my daughter!!! Alice is a TERRIBLE drinker. She would go for days without water if I let her. Well, she got up from her nap today and I made her (another) fresh water to drink. She flatly refused. I told her that she couldn't have any afternoon tea until she drank it. She still refused. Fast-forward to tea time, with Alice complaining of being hungry. Fine, I say. Drink your water and you can have your tea. End result - me feeling like I have said 'drink your water' a MILLION times, no water drunk and no tea eaten. Perhaps a night of going to bed hungry might teach her that she needs to listen to her mum!!!


mumma to many said...

I doubt it!
I use who finishes water first gets chocolate some days.
I have 2 camels that would go days without drinking but I trick them!
I make Slushies with ice and fruit.
I make Cold chocolate. Drinks such Milk Water and Juice are offered every day at meal time. Fizzy drinks are also offered with 50% Sprite and 50% soda water.
I dispair some days and then others I think why don't you do that everyday!
Ice blocks are a good way to get liquid in in especially after drinking a glass of water.
Keep up the routine it will pay.
Also offer her things such as watermelon, soup, and cucumber all high in water!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I have been there! The Tongginator once went on a three day hunger strike. It was... awful. Ruth gave some great advice, so no need to say more. I just wanted to pop over after reading your comment to say hang in there! I know... I truly do. And it's hard, but it's worth it. (((hugs)))