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Thursday, January 14

My big girl is THREE today!!!

I can hardly believe that Alice is three today. It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny, skinny little baby placed in my arms. Now she is a bouncy, rambunctious, loud and happy three year old who has (so far!) had a very exciting birthday. Now all I have to do is go and create the requested birthday cake (a green one) and all will be well. I will post some more photos after we have done the cake thing. As always, I find Alice's birthday a bittersweet occasion, as I cannot help but feel for her birthmother, somewhere in China. Is she thinking of the daughter she had to give away? Does she mourn her loss, or has she tried to put it behind her? Is she thinking of her daughter and wondering where she is on this, her third birthday? I shall never know the answer to these questions, asd as Alice grows, she will start having to deal with the pain of not knowing too. It is times like this that adoption can really be seen and felt as a double edged sword - our joy was made complete because of one woman's enormous loss.....

Trying on the new lip gloss Big Sis gave her


An excited look (not just plain scary!!)


Enjoying her own computer


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