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Thursday, December 10

It is Finished (well, almost....)

After almost a month the kitchen/dining room renovation is pretty much done and I am thrilled to be currently listening to the sound of my dishwasher chugging through it's first load in four weeks!!! The tiler finished up today, and I have managed to get everything back in and organised, so am very happy! Only one slight disaster throughout the whole process - three of the four benchtops need to be replaced as the laminate is faulty. This will be done in the new year, so I just have to put up with it until then. Overall, I am incredibly happy with how everything has worked out. I now have a beautiful, practical and incredibly functional kitchen to work in, which I am sure will make cooking a far more pleasant experince. Enjoy the photos! (sorry about it being so gloomy, but we are having an awful, cold and wet day here today)BTW, if you want a closer look at any of the photos, just click on them.


Sean and Mic said...

Looks gorgeous! I love all the open counter space.
Now, time to do some holiday baking, and break in the new oven.

mumma to many said...

I have kitchen Envy!
Love all the drawers!
Oh to redo our Kitchen!
HUgs Ruth in NZ

Anonymous said...

Wow...Love, love, love your new kitchen...enjoy...
(thanks for the card)

Jen said...

Cristina! how totally beautiful! You must feel like you're in kitchen heaven :) You have done a awesome job of designing - it just looks wonderful and I cannot for the life of me see any faults! Enjoy it....and funnily enough before I read the post I looked at the photo's and admired how beautiful the greenery was through the windows! doesn't look dismal at all ..... love, Jen and Ebby xxx