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Thursday, October 22

The Shouty Bird

Here he is:

Looks sort of sweet, doesn't he?? Well, he is NOT. This bird is pure evil, wrapped up in a cute feathery persona. Why??? Every morning at around 5.30am the Shouty Bird goes into action. He sits outside our bedroom window and shouts at all the other birds to keep off his turf. Now we live in a pretty leafy spot, with many, many birds. And most of them I LOVE to listen to. Their dawn chorus is breathtaking, incredibly melodic and soothing. Not so the Shouty Bird. The Shouty Bird is loud, obnoxious and repetitive. Quite frankly, I hate the Shouty Bird. DH wants to get a gun and permanenetly aircondition the Shouty Bird, and I am sorta coming around to his way of thinking. If only I had confidence in his ability to shoot a very small bird from a distance....

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:: fiona harding :: said...

Hahahahahahaha.....LOL, LOL, LOL, that's so funny! But he's such a pretty bird ;-)