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Wednesday, October 21

I'm BAAAAAACK!!!! And Happy 2nd Forever Family Day Alice!!!

Hello to all my friends who may have been wondering where I went. You see, I was finding this whole blog thing a bit of a struggle. Not enough time to post, nothing interesting to say, didn't think it was worthwhile carrying on. But since deleting my blog, I have had several lovely friends say how much they missed it, so due to peer pressure (of the nicest kind!!) I have decided to un-delete 'Our Journey to Alice'. And as you can see by the heading of this post, today is a pretty special day in our family. On this day two years ago I held my sweet Alice for the very first time. After years of waiting and wondering, the moment had finally arrived when I could hold my precious gift from God. And two years on she has come such a long, long way. From a tiny, 5.3 kg nine month old who could barely hold her head up and could not sit alone, to a rambunctious, fun-loving, affectionate and delightful little person. She is a true blessing to all who know her and I am so grateful that God chose her to be part of our family. So happy second Forever Family day my sweet Alice - we love you so very much. Here is a link to the post I did in China two years ago today.

Our first day together:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By cristinafairley at 2009-10-20

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By cristinafairley, shot with E-520 at 2009-10-12


Jen said...

YYYYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I've SO missed you! Didn't want to put pressure on you but you've made my day! I've checked so often in the past weeks and prayed that you would 'be back'! don't worry about how often you post or what it's about...or not about - it's just so lovely to 'hear your voice' whenever it happens! Happy Forever Day! love you, Jen and Ebby

:: fiona harding :: said...

I second all that Jen said. I've missed you too. You might think what you write is not interesting, but it is to us!!!
Keep it up Cristina :-)

mumma to many said...

It is so hard to believe that you have Alice as an official part of your family.
I know she was there a long time before hand and it still blows me way that our Alice's are from the same SWI! Happy family day to you all!
Glad to see you back.
Ruth in NZ

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Such a beauty!