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Wednesday, October 28

Goodbye to the old kitchen...

In just a few weeks time I will be taking to our old kitchen with a sledge hammer - and probably enjoying the heck out of myself!! We bought this house six years ago this month, and I have finally convinced my DH that the kitchen simply must go. It has been eminently serviceable for the past six years, but the house is over 25 years old and the wear and tear on the kitchen is starting to show. Most of the knobs fall off when you open the cupboards, some cupboards sag terribly and have to be hoisted up and across to be shut, the oven is so old that the heat leaks out and melts the oven surrounds whenever it is used, and most of the hot plates don't work. Needless to say, I am VERY excited about the prospect of a brand new kitchen!! I decided to go with a flat pack system, through Ezikit kitchens in Hobart. A batch buddy of mine used them in her house and was so impressed that she got them back to do two bathrooms, a powder room and the bar after her kitchen was done! Anyway, the kitchen is scheduled to be delivered on November 23rd, the electrician, plumber, tiler and joiner have all been booked, so now I am just playing a waiting game, dreaming of my lovely new cooking mecca. Oh, did I mention that this new kitchen will actually have a PANTRY??? (unlike the old one, which was obviously designed by a man!!) I have uploaded some pics of the old kitchen, and also of the new tiles, Formica and doors that we are using. The floor tile is the lighter colured of the two and the splashback will be in the darker tile and the Formica for the benchtops is the speckled sample.


mumma to many said...

I hope it has loads of drawers!
I can't wait to see it! and I must admit that I designed kitchens like yours in a previous life! LOL!
I have also installed my own kitchen!
Enjoy and I must admit that the bench top is okay 18 years old but the cupboards and drawers all need updated!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

3D said...

Home renovations are always short term pain for long term great. Love the choices.

Keep smilin!

Kiy said...

Thanks for stopping in on the blog. I miss chatting with you, hope life slows down soon so I can get back to my friends!

I love your kitchen! Well, I love how truly large it is - all that counter space. I am betting when you guys are all done it will be heaven. Now if dinner would just cook (and clean) itself. If you find a way to renovate that in, let us know - k? :)

Cheers, Kiy