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Sunday, November 15

We went, we saw, we WIGGLED!!!!

Yes folks, today we went to the concert of the year (decade perhaps!) The Wiggles came to Launceston and Alice and I went to see them. We had bought our tickets months ago, and Alice was so excited by the prospect of seeing the Wiggles 'in real'!!They put on a fantastic show. The singing was awesome, they were very funny, and Alice had a ball. She spent most of the time jumping and dancing, and was one very tired little person as a result! Enjoy the photos and video. PS - ignore the utterly gross photo iof me and concentrate on the cute little person!!!


:: fiona harding :: said...

Awwww....cute!!! Thanks for sharing. Funny how Alice lost interest a bit and preferred to people watch!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You cannot beat the Wiggles...

Sean and Mic said...

Oh we LOVE the Wiggles in our house!!! Right now Maddy sings the "Friendly Pirate Ship" by them a HUNDRED times a day.
Thanks for sharing the pics of your FengCheng cutie!

Jen said...

I actually think the big person holding the little person is pretty special myself! Hope the reno's going well - been away for 10 days but will update the blog soon! Miss you :) Jen xxx