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Monday, May 11

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday - no breakfast in bed, but that is per my request as I cannot STAND crumbs in the bed!! Lots of beautiful hand-made gifts, including a pin cushion in a gorgeous decorated box (from Big Girl), two hair clips, one sporting a blue flower and the other a blue mouse (yes, that's right, BLUE MOUSE) and a very special calico bag, decorated with lots of Alice's cute little hand prints (thanks to K at daycare for that!!) So I proudly wore my new hair clips to church and received many glowing comments, and generally had a very pleasant day. It was made even more enjoyable by the visit of some very special people. Jen and I 'met' over the Internet a few years ago, as we are both involved in on-line discussion groups pertaining to Chinese adoption. She and her husband and darling daughter Ebony were in Tassie for a holiday so they came to visit!! It was just wonderful to finally meet someone who I felt as though I had already known for years!! Ebony and Alice had a ball playing together, and the grown ups enjoyed getting to know each other, a nice red wine and some yummy chocolate mud cake. Hope everyone else out there had a great Mum's day too!!

Ebony and Alice hamming it up for the camera!!

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By cristinafairley, shot with E-520 at 2009-05-10


mumma to many said...

sounds pretty jolly good to me!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Tracy said...

The girls are so cute together!

Louanne said...

Hey there. You have some great photos in the last post. I just put Nadia's Tassie socks on for bed and she said, "Where did these come from?" And I said, "From Alice and her mommy." And she said, "I want to see pictures."

And when I opened up the blog she said, "Thank you for my socks and books." She had her face pressed up against the screen.

What a character!