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Thursday, March 26

Learned something today...

That I should NEVER leave Daisy the Dog unattended in the house, even for a few minutes. I went out to take the garbage down to the end of the driveway, and by the time I got back, Daisy had jumped up onto the kitchen bench, grabbed the bag of half frozen chicken thighs and was just preparing to tear the bag open and have a feast when I returned. Naughty puppy!!!!!!
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By cristinafairley, shot with E-520 at 2009-03-25


mumma to many said...

All wasn't lost then! If your caught Miss Daisy before she opened the bag!
Hugs Ruth

:: fiona harding :: said...

LOL! She looks so guilty.
Must be time to catch up soon??
Fiona x

OziMum said...

LOL!!! Now that's why our dogs, are "outside" puppies!!! Coz they would DEFINITELY be into EVERYTHING!

Ok, lady. What's the deal? Only two posts in two weeks?!!! I go away for two weeks, expecting lots to catch up on... lucky you don't do too much, hey?!