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Friday, October 24

Things that happen when you aren't looking...

I downloaded some pics from the camera yesterday and found some that I most definitley did not take - wonder who did?????!!!! I am thinking that as Alice is wearing her big sister's kung fu head protection, she may have been the culprit. Pretty funny photos though!


Steve and Alese said...

That's sooo funny! I just love having pictures like that.

Louanne said...

That's awesome.

Maddys Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my site Tas! I don't think I realize how close our daughter's Forever Family Days were (I was either in flight to China or running around like a mad person on your Alice Day). Your video made me cry reliving that moment with you & remembering our own special 26th floor day w/Maddy.

Alice has turned into a beautiful little girl!

Kiy said...

Oh, now that's just too funny. Thanks for sharing, loved it! :)

Cheers, Kiy

V and M said...

Love it!