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Thursday, October 9

Thankful Thursday!

I have been pretty slack at keeping up this aspect of my blog - in fact I think I may have remembered to do it only once! Anyway, it's Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for, so here goes!!
-For my three gorgeous kids, each of whom is a unique blessing from God. For my eldest DD, who is beautiful, smart, funny and such a kind-hearted soul. For my DS, who is cheeky, mischievous, fun-loving and very fond of mummy-cuddles. For my sweet Alice, who grows and blossoms with every passing day.
-For the arrival of spring!! I was just outside hanging the washing on the line and noticed that it smelled like spring. Spring is my favourite season, and I am just loving this warmer weather.
-For good friends: both here and far away, those who I have met and those I haven't! It's funny how you can 'meet' people in cyberspace who become such close confidantes. I am very grateful for each and every one of my friends and all they do to enrich my life.
-For my lovely husband, who works so hard to provide for his family. He is one one life's true gentlemen, and I love him even more now than when I met him 15 years ago (admittedly, there was more lust than love back then!!!)
-For my health. For the fact that I can play with my kids, walk my dog every morning, and live life to it's fullest.

Well, that's about enough rambling for now. I must be off to enjoy this awesome spring day that God has provided for me. Blessings to you, all my friends near and far. xxxx


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Great post! Certainly at a time when I needed it - it reminds me that as we head toward winter, that spring is not too far away!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gina...Great post. And I absolutely love spring the best too...there is something special about the smell of moisture in the air mixed with scents of flowers and soil and the feel of a warm sun on your skin...hard to put to into words...but you know what I mean. I am going to have to remember this. We are heading towards winter where I live and while fall is pretty here where I live, I sboslutely love spring and the sense of hope it always brings to me.
Take care. CTG