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Tuesday, September 8

The Slack Blogger is on holiday!!!

Howdy folks. Once again, many apologies for the lack of posts but we have been frantically getting ready for our first ever BIG family holiday. We have been on the Gold Coast in Queensland for three days now and are just loving it. The kids are having blast, and the parents are exhausted!! I am quite sure that I will need a holiday to recover from my holiday! Anyway, here's just a few pics from the last couple of days. Quality isn't too good as I forgot to pack the USB for my good camera so I am just downloading from DS's little digital. Will try and post again before we have to go home to freezing, wet Tassie. Just loving the warmth and the sun up here!!!!


Jill said...

Have a ball!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! never expected to hear from you from there! Hope the weather is being kind to you! When do you get back home? Try and get some rest if you can....sounds like you need it! love, Jen

mumma to many said...

Looks like a great time and hopefully the temps are great for you all!
Enjoy and we look forward to the high Quality photos when your home! LOL!
HUgs Ruth

Nicky said...

Your location is so wonderful. Beautiful spot with not too much noise either! Plus you've been blessed with wonderful, clear weather. Not even going to bother commenting on the temps :P

So brilliant to see & hug you again. Definitely won't be another 16yrs between hugs!

Sean and Mic said...

Oh, so envious. I lived inArmidale, NSW for 6 months on a Uni exchange 17 years ago (gasp!), and I had some great friends from my college that lived in Sorrento (Gold Coast), so I would travel home with them on many weekends. Love, love, love that area. Have fun on holidays.